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The 9 issues of Cyber IVy are now available for download in PDF format:




  IVy 101 (2,9 MB) IVy 105 (3,5 MB)
  IVy 102 (2,8 MB) IVy 106 (2,3 MB)
  IVy 103 (2,6 MB) IVy 107 (1,9 MB)
IVy 100 (4 MB) IVy 104 (3,4 MB) IVy 108 (2,1 MB)

Cyber IVy articles (chronological order)

Cyber IVy articles   (sorted by author)

Cyber IVy articles (sorted by title)

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* Only Freezone publication that
     covers it all – and since 1991:
* News and “gossip”
* Groups and services
* L. Ron Hubbard’s technology
* New technical developments
* Philosophical points of view
* Successes in application
* What’s going on in CoS?
* Book reviews

Join the IVy Community!

(Stock photo. Not actual members)
Our IVy community is most accessible through our online discussion forum. This is a private forum, consisting of very interesting and active individuals.
There are highly trained auditors. You will find some of the best standard tech auditors in the world online here. There are top trained case supervisors and solo auditing supervisors. There are leaders, from around the world, of different Freezone training and delivery centers: from Western and Eastern Europe, to Australia, USA, South America and elsewhere. There are active developers of Freezone technology, including tech finders coming up with new advanced levels or reevaluating older LRH tech. We have numerous members who are old-timers that knew Ron Hubbard up-close-and-personal as they worked with him or studied directly under him.


To become an IVy forum member, contact Antony Phillips at ant.phillips@post8.tele.dk !




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