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 IVy Moves into the Cloud

With the beginning of 2011, IVy (International Viewpoints) leaves the limited old ways of printed booklets and files distributed by e-mail behind - it moves into the Cloud.

Based on the internet as its physical brain, this global field of knowledge permeates more and more of our planet's population. Its only limiting factor is the quality of its content.  Have a look at this 3-dimensional global map of the World Wide Web. Through each of these millions of lines, a single insight, a single piece of knowhow can be accessed by billions of people, if only its author is caring enough about others to place it somewhere in the cloud's databases.

We provide Web IVy as one such place where you can offer your articles and other products of your creativity to the world, if you don't have your own website or book publisher, or if you simply want it to be presented here in the company of other inspired, like-minded people.

 Treasures of Wisdom and Knowhow

Web IVy has developed from a community that has worked a lot with spirituality and processing - the realization of dormant human potential, clearing of the mind, personal evolution and growth. By feeding the wisdom and competence of this community into the cloud, where other spiritual seekers and mind workers can find it simply by entering a few words into a search machine, we hope to contribute to the upgrading of  the cloud's quality to a degree that our old dream of a "Clear Planet" can sooner or later come true.  

 You Are Invited!

We hereby invite you to contribute to the qualityof the cloud by sharing your articles, training manuals, inspired art with the world - simply have them published on the Web IVy pages. Just send an informal mail to with your file or files attached, and please don't forget the permission to publish. From our pages the products of your creativity will blend into the cloud, and will be available for any person who is curious or reaching in your area of expertise.

You can also support Web IVy by sending money - there are always bills to be paid - your contribution ensures that the existence of these pages will reach into the future. Send money by PayPal to , or use the PayPal button below.

 Web IVy Mission Statement

Maybe this process of evolving the Cloud, and with it our global consciousness, can grow even bigger: if Earth as a whole learns the principles of processing - how to convert destructive and negative mental energy back into useful and positive life force, or in other words,  how to reverse spiritual Entropy - maybe Earth can serve as an example and role model for the rest of the universe?

Certainly this activity will not solely rest on Web IVy's shoulders, but let's carry our part of the load and help to make it happen! Then the light of sanity and caring will radiate from Earth out into the universe, and after a little moment of rest we can take the next step and bring these patterns to other planets, other star systems, other galaxies...

"Clair de Terre" by Denis Seignez


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