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Welcome to CyberIVy


              IVy is now in its 19th year of publication. We changed the distribution to electronic format in 2009.

 The editorial line and scope is however unchanged. Below is our statement of goals, purposes and activities:

     Aims of IVy Magazine:

    "To provide an independent publication and forum to the meta-scientology community."

     The meta-scientology community, sometimes called 'the Freezone' or 'the independent field', comprises people interested in the technology and philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard and the application thereof.
     A part of the community is working on new developments in this field of self-improvement and IVy covers that as well.
     We embrace Hubbard's original work, including the axioms, the basic teachings and the technology, but see the subject as a developing field of applied philosophy and spiritual technology.

     IVy has no affiliation to the current CoS, nor has it any economical affiliations to any independent tech delivery group. IVy stands for freedom of speech and accurate, reflective reporting.
    Community members are free and most welcome to present their diverging views; that is part of the IVy mission.
     As long as a contribution is based on fact or personal experience, and likely to be of interest to the community, it will be considered for publication.

    Our three main activities are:
     1) The publication of the subscription magazine 'International Viewpoints' (IVy).
     This magazine will be in electronic form and appear at least 4 times a year.
     2) maintaining the website
     3) Conducting online discussion forums – open to subscribers of IVy.



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