The first issue was somewhat different from the others, having a larger emphasis on differentiating between the true (original) philosophy and technology of Scientology and what the church has later presented. Look at the article "The Black Panther Mechanism", for example. A Scientology stable datum accepted uncritically by some is subjected to criticism, thus amplified, with a somewhat startling result.

The editorial slant on this particular issue was on issueing something a person could give to a friend who had finally come out of the church, and was possibly feeling a little "lost" or "empty".


Welcome - by Antony Phillips, Denmark.

Clear - by David Mayo, USA.

The Black Panther Mechanism: A Dangerous Omission - by DA PROFESSOR, USA.

Fair Comment - Authorities - by Terry Scott, England.

Kemps Column - The Trouble is (1) - by Ray Kemp.

New Realities - The Four Belief Systems On How We Create Our Realities - by Mark Jones.

Philosophical Considerations - Religion - by Todde Salén, Sweden.

Identities - by O.J. Roos, Holland.

Data For Releases - by Bob Ross, USA

Irene Mumford: Obituary.

Developing Philosophy - by Per Schiøttz, Denmark.

Postscript: Distribution - by Antony A Phillips, Denmark.

CAN and a "Succes Story - by Antony A Phillips, Denmark.

Book News - A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack - Reviewed by Leonard Dunn, England.

Self Help Books.

The Encyclopaedia of the Paranormal - Reviewed by Leonard Dunn, England.

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