Philosophical Considerations

By Todde Salén, Sweden.


If you study other subjects than Scientology and it's free zone, you rapidly find out that there is an incredible number of different beliefs and viewpoints on the subject of God and Truth.

When I studied Eastern mysticism recently I encountered a system of classifying religion in various levels. This is how I interpreted it (starting with the 'Lowest' level as the most 'low on the tone scale level' or the level most far from the truth):

1) Rites and rituals.
2) Morals and moral codes.
3) Dharma (the teaching of the laws of life and the meaning of life).
4) Ethics.
5) Meditation.
6) Direct personal contact with Truth (or God).

With this scale it becomes a lot easier to compare various different religions and belief systems with one and another. If we study the religion of Scientology using this scale we should soon find that it falls all over the scale. Many of the methods Hubbard developed have fallen down to 'rites and rituals' today (at least in the C of $), when the performance has lost contact with the ARC and purposes that are necessary to use to achieve this 'standard result'. For instance a 'Gang Sec Check' has very little to do with meditation and would hardly help anybody raise his awareness of truth. The original Auditing Confessional procedures however were real meditation (guiding procedures to raise an individuals awareness of truth).

Most of the rules of conduct and policies of the C of $ that a 'Good Scientologist' is supposed to abide by are just moral codes (to protect the group) of level 2) above.

Almost every HCO Bulletin and book issued by Hubbard deals with the Dharma of Scientology (the teachings of the way the mind works) and belongs to level 3). It is quite interesting to notice how the various different religions seem to get more and more in agreement with each other as you go closer to truth on this scale.

Ethics is different from morals in that it grows out of the individuals judgement, which gets it's level of 'Goodness' out of the amount of knowledge the individual has acquired in any area of life. The level of ethics for a certain individual is determined by his body of knowledge.

The Auditing technology of Scientology and the practice of it in sessions belong at the level of Meditation (the word meditate originally meant 'performing the right action' in the indo-European language).

Once you no longer need a system or any devices to reach higher levels of truth you have reached the highest level of religion. From there on you can grow in KRC to become a guru (who can assist others in reaching the highest level of religion).

I hope this can assist you in finding your way on the 'road to truth'.

Between level 3 and 4 you could enter a level of ARC where you grow into understanding more and more and thus increase your knowledge.

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