Postscript: Distribution

by Antony A Phillips, Denmark.

The article on page 3, Welcome, was written in December 1990, with the intention of starting the new year by getting this trial issue of the magazine out. and nearly three quarters of the magazine were finished. And now it is four months later!

A number of things caused the hold up, amongst them busyness and holding down a 37 hour a week job. But two points were connected with the administration of IVy (International Viewpoints).

Point one was the setting up of a network of distributors throughout the world, as I have no intention of handling the details of subscriptions and postage for the whole world. I got four distributors and did not get further. I have handled this problem by the easy solution of fleeing from it. So people in areas not covered by our distributor network are unlucky, unless they find a person in their area who is willing to take responsibility for distribution.

One of the problems of a distributor is money. While I am willing to send packets of 20 or multiples of 20 International Viewpoints anywhere, I am only willing to accept payment in Danish Kroner. That is because I got issued at birth with a thetan sadly lacking in mathematical abilities, and have not been willing to devote processing time to handling the deficiency

The second point I made into a problem of sufficient magnitude to stop the fast issue of this number was that of pricing. I wanted to include in this number membership prices for each area. Well, I am a coward at heart, and I have adopted the policy of also fleeing from this problem. You won't find a price for your area in the body of this issue. Hopefully, the distributor (which I also call relay point) of the copy sent to you, will have added an insert with subscription details - and I strongly urge you to subscribe, if you want to get an idea of what is happening in the post scientology world, and get a little inspiration now and then.

My original plan was to send out four issues in 1991, and that would be covered by a years subscription. Now I am beginning to ask "Will I make it?" The answer of course is that I don't know, which is a confounded nuisance. It is also a problem I do not think I can flee from. My aim is still to do that, and it is possible if enough people write articles, and send them in fast. But if we do not get four issues out in 1991, then the individual subscriptions paid to me from the Scandinavian and Iberian area, and the bulk subscriptions paid to me by distributors, -will- cover four issues, and we will try to get and an -additional- four out in 1992.

And a little side remark. It costs money to launch such a magazine, and no subscriptions have come in yet. The initial capital has come by increasing the price of our 'mother' magazine "Uafh‘ngige Synspunkter" by 50% (thats inflation for you). We are glad that the majority of "Uafh‘ngige Synspunkter" readers were willing to pay up, and they get "International Viewpoints" at a special rate.

Here is the list of distributors we have at the moment: ((1991))

Scandinavia and Iberia: Postbox 78 DK-2800 Lyngby, Denmark

British Isles:
Anne Donaldson
28 Huxley Drive, Bramhall,
Stockport, Cheshire

Elly Poortenaar
Galhoeke 2
NL-9211 RG Kortehemmen, Holland

German speaking area:
Manuela Spittel
Hauptstrasse 70
D-1000 Berlin 41

Bob Ross
Box 1413
USA Riverside CA 92501

In conclusion, I have acquired the consideration that running two scn magazines is enough, and I am not willing to take responsibility for distributors. They are autonomous, decide their own policies, prices, and admin practices (though I have given some advice). If anything goes wrong in their area, I intend to flee from the problem (I love Ron for giving me that possibility), though I will probably be courteous if I receive a politely worded letter of complaint. So there is no highly promoted rabble rouse line which promises to right all wrongs! You pays yer money (to me or to them), and you crosses yer finger, and hopes, and maybe add a good postulate, and send an article or letter which is printable. Nothing venture, nothing gain!

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