Kemps Column

By Ray Kemp, USA.

The Trouble is (1)

The Trouble is...

That we do not realize the enormity of the legacy of LRH, that we lump into the heading of Scientology.

We further cloud the matter by throwing in under the same heading Tech Processes, Orgs, Staff Members, LRH, ARC breaks, Misunderstoods, Non Understoods, Opinions and Misemotion (both our Own and others) well spiced with each of our own peculiarities.

No wonder it looks like a Mystery Pie and a dogs breakfast all in one.

LRH is not the senior terminal, neither is the "Tech" (whatever that is). The senior item here, and what should perhaps be emphasized as the common denominator among us, is our understanding of the Philosophy, organized by one man into millions of words and ideas.

"Never regret yesterday, Life is in you today, and you make your own tomorrow"

"The Basic individual is not a buried unknown or different person, but an intensity of all that is best and most able in the person. The basic individual equals the same person minus his Pain and Dramatizations."

"A body of knowledge cannot have an opinion on something"

"Any information is valuable to the degree that you can use it"

"I know no man who has any monopoly upon the wisdom of this Universe. It belongs to those who can use it to help themselves and others"

The trouble is...

Some of us sit with a huge nugget of Gold in our laps, one small piece of which is worth a King's Ransom, and we argue over what sort of a wrapper should we put it in.

Our new book "You Live as you Think". (what another Commercial?), ends with the Phrase "Walk in Comfort and Good Health".

All quotes are by L. Ron Hubbard.

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