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We want to help connecting people in the independent field. As the broad public opinion has adopted a negative opinion about Scientology, promoting our ideas and visions on the mainstream channels is not all too promising.  We need to build individual connections instead.  Of course there are many channels for this - and one of them is the IVy magazine.


One thing you can do on the IVy platform is to  submit your inspired article  about training, processing, spiritual experiences, spiritual philosophy - or your personal LRH anecdote - or your specific oldtimer story - or your news report from the church battlefield - or your PC's success story - or a poem - or a book review - to the IVy editor for publication in the magazine. IVy is interested in diversity of spiritual viewpoints from as many angles as possible.


Scientology, so far, is rather detached from other movements of spiritual enhancement. More connection to these movements could help these other movements to sooner or later get the  Clearing tech that they don't have, and Scientology with better integration. There are  more bridges to build  than the bridge to Clear and OT! Your article could build one such bridge - just send it to and the editor will contact you!


If you offer training or processing services, you can also  place an ad in the mag  - formats and prices are in the table below.


This will not only widen your reach, it will also flow  physical energy  (money) to you and help to keep you functional in the physical universe, which is where we have to act if we want to set people free, so that they can make their own choices about where and how they want to play their games.


It will also flow a little physical energy (money) to IVy, which also needs to  function on the physical plane  in order to promote clearing and spirituality in general in a mostly materialistic world. In other words, your ads contribute to keeping all of us on the playing field...



Oh, and the  first copy of Cyber-IVy - IVy 100 - is free for distribution. You can direct people to our website, where they  get the very first issue of Cyber-IVy for free !




IVy Advertisement Info

The possibility to place an ad indeed exists, and the new colorful format not only allows very creative and eye-catching designs, you can also submit your own creations without being at the mercy of anyone else, including the IVy editor :-)

There is a discount if you send in a completely worked out image that requires no more editing. If you just send text and/or photos which have to be turned into a layout, it is the full price.

1/1 page portrait format US$ 500,-   US$ 400,-  
1/2 page landscape format US$ 250,-   US$ 200,-  
1/4 page portrait or landscape format US$ 150,-   US$ 120,-  
1/8 page portrait or landscape format US$ 90,-   US$ 70,-  
1/16 page portrait or landscape format US$ 55,-   US$ 40,-  



For payment, please send money as usual through PayPal to . Just call it "Ivy Ad" . Your mail with details goes to  (and don't forget to attach your text, images or both!)




 Let's build a network big and strong enough to really enclose this planet in a shell of glowing theta! 




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