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PTS Handling - Study by John McMaster and Per Schioettz' Approach


This is an important issue, as it corrects an error made by LRH in the development of PTS handling.

In a nutshell, the story is this: LRH had a study about suppressive influences done by John McMaster. This study came out with a very clear and distinct result, and based on that John McMaster suggested a handling.

LRH found that too complicated and scrapped it. Instead, he introduced the S & D (Search and Discovery) procedure that we all have studied. It shifts responsibility to the SP instead of handling the item that is sitting there in the PC's case - which is why the PC's case does not substantially and permanently improve; he remains prone to the same restimulation by the same or other "suppressives".

Read John McMaster's PTS study here.

Independently of John's results, AOSH EU's lead NOTs auditor of many years, Per Schioettz, has come to the same conclusion and developed a handling that has worked in actual application many 100 times. His article has been published in IVy and will be uploaded to Web IVy in a second edition.





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