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 Bernie Wimbush: Growing A Practice


A series of articles sent to the IVy mailing list in August/September 2010. Much needed knowhow. Thank you so much, Bernie!


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Hmmm... looks like an easter egg, doesn't it? Now if you click on that...
Heidrun was here! Unfortunately I am not very good at graffiti. I hope you will do better than that! Have a look at my collection of Health Links or my Life Lesson Processing website if you are interested.




 Amazing OT-Wins!

OT success stories found on the internet... such a pleasure to read!

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Artist Denis Seignez is indeed so much better at using colors! Here is his painting titled Self Confidence - an image to meditate about.



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Oh, I bet you are just dying with curiosity who has written what in the now 1 1/2 years of Cyber-IVy issues. Here you go: Content by Authors - Content by Titles - Chronological Content.






Clearbird! I hope you have tolerance for my feeble attempt at impressionism, but his masterful formulation of  Clearing Technology is impeccable.

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There are still some copies of the precious historical Printed IVy available!




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This is an important issue, as it corrects an error made by LRH in the development of PTS handling.

In a nutshell, the story is this: LRH had a study about suppressive influences done by John McMaster. This study came out with a very clear and distinct result, and based on that John McMaster suggested a handling.

LRH found that too complicated and scrapped it. Instead, he introduced the S & D (Search and Discovery) procedure that we all have studied. It shifts responsibility to the SP instead of handling the item that is sitting there in the PC's case - which is why the PC's case does not substantially and permanently improve; he remains prone to the same restimulation by the same or other "suppressives".

John McMaster's study about the mechanisms of PTSness came to a fascinating result - see full story.

Freezone figurehead Per Schioettz, AOSH EU's lead NOTs auditor of many years, came to similar results independently from John's research. His approach has been used many times with great success. The article he published about it will be re-issued on Web IVy in a second edition.

See more of Per's work on his article page.



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