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Big fat win with exterior comm (by Krsanna Duran, Thu, 16 Sep 2010)


Krsanna Duran

 Big fat win with exterior comm

Thu, 16 Sep 2010 (on

Back in the day, in the "Golden Age" of the 1960s and 70s, playing with new things we were learning in the tech was half the fun. My friends and I routinely created "magic," and I miss being part of a group like that in recent years. My study twin on OT I, II and III had a chance to talk about our wins and compare notes at the Freezone Conference. He and I both took similar actions with others, without knowing what the other was doing.

Last April a dear friend was in a hospice and was terminal at the age of 95. It was not possible to visit her, and I wasn't able to talk to her personally as I wished with only letters. I wanted to hold her hand before she dropped the body and tell her how much I appreciated her friendship and looked forward to seeing her again in a young and bautiful body someday.

The only option left to me because of circumstances was to talk to her from a distance, so that's what I did. I consulted Pat about the case situation she was in, but wasn't able to visit her personally. I decided to visit her out of body. I had completed auditing OT III and knew the best way to approach my friend.

We used to do group auditing and put anchor points in various locations and view from the anchor points when I was new in the study. Several Scientologists later pioneered remote viewing and were excellent at the practice. I knew I could do it.

I planned my visit carefully because I wanted to commuicate with her directly and assist her. Case handling was out of the question. She was in the process of leaving the body.

She was barely conscious most of the time. She was 95 years old, and I knew from our correspondence that she was looking at the past and resolving matters that needed to be resolved. In April she had sent an essay she had written and called it her "Life's Song." She asked me to type it for her, so I immediately typed it and sent it back so she could see it before she left the body.

Without going into lots of details, when I visited my friend out of body the first thing I noticed was a black mass on her body. Our communication was entirely telepathic. I asked what the black mass was, and it disappeared. Then I did a locational with her to find anchor points in and beyond the hospice room.

I told her to send a hello to her body, and she did. Then I told her to have the body send a hello to her. She immediately realized that the body was a different entity than she was and the space lightened up considerably. Then we talked for a while and I did another locational before I left.

She suddenly revived. Her daughter sent emails informing her friends of her condition and sent an email saying her mother (my friend) had gotten cheerful and alert again.

I had not told anyone my plan, for a number of reasons. One reason is that I didn't want counter-intention on the communication line and another was that I didn't want to push the reality of those around my friend too hard.

My friend sent me a letter after she became alert again that completely acknowledged her awareness of my presence. She wrote that she had given up hope and had accepted she was dead meat. "Then there you were," she wrote. She had revived. Her acknowledgement of knowing my presence when she wrote, "there you were," was stunning. I had not been certain that she recognized my presence.

Although she revived from her deathbed, her body was still 95 years old. In future communications we talked about what she might hope to do with a body that was essentially decrepit with age.

When writing in response to her letter that ackowledged my exterior presence, I knew it would be the last letter from me she would read in this lifetime. I had never written or verbalized about the inevitable demise of the body, because I didn't want to counter-intend her. But, I was pretty certain it was time to say goodbye in the physical world. I spoke with her about her plans for the future.

In the last letter I said goodbye to her and let her know we would share a future at some time. I wished her peace and grace in the passage between physical life and spiritual (theta) life and told her I loved her like a sister.

It was, in fact, the last letter from me she read. About two weeks later she quietly and peacefully left the body. She had been prepared and had handled what needed resolution in this life. I miss her and sometimes wish I could talk to her about things on my mind, but she's busy with other things now. We're both happy.

It was hugely gratifying for me to be able to handle the situation -- to know what needed to be done and be able to do it. She had done a lot of work in other areas in this life, but the basic tech of blowing the mass and doing a locational was priceless.

Completely independently my study twin did a similar, although not identicial, exerior handling. We shared our wins when we met at the convention, and now I'm sharing them again with the Elma group.

Best regards,


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