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 Web IVy Easter Egg 1 - Heidrun Beer: "Eve"


This piece of photo art was accepted by the Morphic Field of Facebook. Let's see whether the morphic field of IVy can digest it without getting a hiccup?

According to cutting edge thinker Max Sandor (and myself), morphic fields (= group minds) are very much missing in the cosmology of SCN.

We have a lot of attention on the ownership principle in processing. Some of us have run 1000s of hours of NOTs or other entity processing to make sure that we are the sole owners of our thoughts, images and energy patterns.

At the same time, the morphic field of our culture is turning us into puppets, telling us what we can do and what not, or worse, making us think the way the culture thinks. For instance, it tells us what we may or may not do with our body...

For the image to the right, I would have been stoned to death in an Islam country. In the Western culture, I "only" suffer some frowns, as long as I don't publish the original photo. For our morphic field that is normal - I find it outrageous!

Isn't it just about time to become the full owners of our thoughts, feelings and actions by addressing morphic fields in our processing?

 Last edited: 16.09.2010. (c) 2010 by Heidrun Beer. All rights reserved.