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Per Schioettz: Latent gains


"SP"-"PTS" Series 6, April 2011


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Latent gains

April 3. 2011

by Per Schioettz

"SP" - "PTS" Series 6


A very interesting aspect of handling "PTS"ness with people who has had a lot of auditing over their "PTS"ness has appeared. With "lot of auditing" I mean Life Repair, Dianetics, Grades, Power, Clearing and OT- levels.

It can be different from case to case but the common denominator is, that auditing took place whilst there were several, even many unhandled "PTS"-items on the case.

Of course, as "PTS"- ness is a Resistive Case Point, these people did not have big gains through their auditing, and very often they were pushed on, to the next grade or level as it was assumed that their case would crack there.

They were promised abilities individually or en-mass pr. the Gradation Chart, but every one of them had abilities promised which they did NOT attain. They had wins and cognitions, but these did not manifest themselves in real life. Their lives did NOT change after the auditing in the way it was promoted that it should.

Quite a few of them fell off The Bridge or found another bridge to follow or even went onto some false bridge which did not take them across anything.

What is very amazing is, that when they finally got their "PTS"- ness handled, all the earlier expected gains and changes in life started to show up, one by one. One case got his abilities gained from grade 0, communication, "rehabbed" and his level of communication changed drastically WITHOUT the "PTS"- handling ever touching the issue of communication.

Same thing happened with another person who was dramatizing a lot of Service Fac.'s. After some "PTS"- handling, he completely stopped this and stopped making everybody around him wrong. His life took a new turn and he expanded his job into a totally new area for him. Amazing and wonderful to watch.

Per Schioettz


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