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Per Schioettz: How could so many be so stupid


"SP"-"PTS" Series 5, March 2011


(c) 2011 by Per Schioettz,




How could so many be so stupid

March 25th 2011

by Per Schioettz

"SP" - "PTS" Series 5

Have you ever seen mass-PTSness? Many, many people being PTS to the same one person or one group of persons or one thing, etc..? There are stellar examples of this in present society and in history too. I don't think there has been any time - on this planet - where there were not examples of mass-PTSness.

What is this phenomenon anyway? Let's take one of the stars: Adolph Hitler, "Der Fuehrer". There is no question of his bad deeds - I am sure. If in doubt, consult history books, films and videos and go see some of the World War II museums in Germany and France. You will know what I mean.

Where did Hitler get his power from? The people of course, you might say, and rightly so. Everybody admired him (at least in the beginning) for his fantastic (and fanatic) ideas of a free German people, only the people didn't see that the freedom was to be his, as he stole the freedom from the people, who gladly gave their power to him by having them agree to his mad ideas and adopting these crazinesses. This is how the people made themselves PTS to Mr. Hitler.

If you can agree to the above explanation, then suppose everybody had turned his/her back to Hitler. What power would he then have? Nothing !! All the power he ever had was given to him by the people. Had all of them, from Eva von Braun to the 14 years old private soldier in Hitler's army, all of them, turned their back to him, he would have remained a snotty little corporal in a jail in Austria.

You can take any and every big bad terrible "SP" in history, like Napoleon and Stalin, just to mention a few more, and see that the pattern is exactly the same. Had everyone turned their backs to these cats, they would have had no power, nothing, silts, nada.. People would be free. These war lords have a strange idea that you can get peace by making war.. how weird..

It is said, and I believe in that, that man is basically good. It doesn't say beings, it says MAN, that means to me people on this planet. People being humanoid, members of the human race... Man. (or even mankind). And any men on other planets too, and woman... (I do believe that it should encompass all beings too).

But some of these men and women act like nobody told them that they are good, good and decent down deep. To me it seems like they think that freedom is a quantity not a quality, and they better get whatever they can lay their dirty hands on. Then when they do this, people around them makes themselves smaller and go all effect of these cats.

These cats CAN be helped. If you can get them into my auditing chair, then I know how to handle them, and it will be a pleasure for me to do so. They ARE good people, but they are stuck in an incident which they keep creating in the now. They think that the incident "then" is "now" and that the "now" is "then". Being in that incident looking at the future, forward from then, they get a terrible sight with death and destruction and no freedom, so they better start grabbing. All you have to handle is THAT incident, and they will be out of it instantly. The source "creating", the existence and the conditions they see and create, will be gone, when they move to the present now. We have what's needed of knowledge, and we can even start with ourselves actually WITHOUT turning our backs to anyone or anything.

Per Schioettz


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