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Per Schioettz: Relationships



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by Per Schioettz


Here is how I have helped 2D relationships getting over upsets, or splitting up in full understanding of why:

I have them both, each in his/her room, make a clay-demo of the upset clearly showing the PROBLEM, i.e. intention and counter-intention etc. until I understand it and can SEE it. (Discussing it you can just forget, as when he starts talking about what aunt Eveline did and she denies, you will be lost... !!!).

Then we bring it all together in one room. And I have them both explain TO ME. Then they can ask ME questions about the others demo and we get anything missing demoed. (No demo-touching except for the person own demo).

Then comes this question to one of them. "I want you to change something in YOUR demo which will help the problem in the other demo". Usually they say NO, CAN'T, but we work with it and find just one small little thing they can change, which is real. Then same question to the other. Back and forth, back and forth. At some point they start taking things away as the sit becomes clearer.

All the times I did this (around 20) they always ended up with the same thing left in BOTH demoes, AND THAT IS THE WHY: Magic!!!

Then we can work out a handling which both can agree to.

I think that 5 cases decided to "divorce" in full understanding and the rest went back on rails, some of them with a 2D admin scale. . I know of some of them still who are still together, a couple of them 20 years after this handling.

It might happen that you will have to take one of them or both into session and fly some ruds, (NOT together, havn't seen that work). The entire handling took from 4 to 20 hours.

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