Edition 89 of 'International Viewpoints' Magazine
is now out.

IVy 89 is the last edition in print

International Viewpoints (IVy) is 44 pages, 17 x 25 cms,
well printed in black and white.

Fourteen different authors wrote articles
in this issue:
IVy 89 .



Thanks ~ by Rolf Krause, Denmark

We Survived ~ by Antony A. Phillips, Denmark

Thoughts on Reality- by Martin Foster, South Africa

Pornography ~ by Hank Levin, USA

Horner's Scientology Story
Scientology, Dianology and Eductivism
~ by Jack Horner

GPM Problems ~ by Jack Horner

What Happened to that Dream? ~ by Hank Levin, USA

Group Processing ~ by Kenneth Urguhart, USA

Project Camelot and the Dane Tops Letter ~ by Bill Ryan, UK

London Org in the Late 50's ~ by Antony A. Phillips, Denmark

End and Start - by Jim Burtles, UK



Our Regular Columns:

IVy Tower : Oh, Danmark ~ by Rolf K, Denmark

Outside the Box: Reality ~ by Flemming Funch, France


Complete your reading cycle on the above articles:

Read them in IVy 89!

There are many articles, representing many and varied viewpoints on clearing.

IVy 89 has now reached subscribers.

Note that though International Viewpoints (IVy) has a lot to do with the
subject of scientology and the broader subject of clearing,
it has nothing to do with the official Scientology organizations.
We concern ourselves with the techniques, and philosophy described by
Hubbard and many others (before, during and after him).
Our aim is solely to pass on viewpoints which will be useful to readers
both in their own lives and in helping others.
No interest in unseemly disputes (see Code of a Scientologist, Nr. 10).

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