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"SP"-"PTS" Series 3, June 2010


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June 7th, 2010

by Per Schioettz

"SP" - "PTS" - series 3

These are some of the definitions of "Suppressive Person" ("SP"):

1. He is solving a present time problem which hasn't in fact existed for the last trillenia in most cases and yet he is taking actions in the now to solve that problem.

2. He vilifies any effort to help anybody and particularly knives with violence anything calculated to make human beings more powerful or intelligent.

3. He is not being himself.

In order to do something about any situation on this planet, like help man to better his condition, "Suppressive Persons" should not be given any power and be in any leading role. This however isn't easy because:

1. They are not that easy to detect.

2. They are often very intelligent. (But have no contact to their feelings at all = out of balance).

3. They enturbulate people around them who are then seen as the source of trouble and NOT the "SP". Therefore handling is addressed to the wrong person.

There has been a lot of labelling ordinary people "Suppressive" because of misunder-stoods, misrepresentation, misidentifications, misownership and misinformations. This has in many cases slowed down the efforts of some to do something positive for man, as it is a wrong indication.

Real live "SP"s are few. Some say 2 1/2 % of the population. But about 20 % of the same population get enturbulated by the "SP"s and won't progress under this enturbulation. The rest, about 80 % will in my experience be slowed down in their progress. On all my clients, every one of them, I have found factors which slow down their progress because of connection to commands, orders, opinions, ideas, fixed opinions, locked concepts etc. etc. coming from the "SP" or from any other acquaintance in general, which is being used to make self smaller and less and less oneself, thereby slowing down progress and becoming a problem to others too.

As this "suppression" can "come from anybody" by making self smaller by agreeing to others viewpoints (about oneself), there is no need for the term Suppressive Person as everybody, whatever characteristics they show, can act as "Suppressive" to anybody else who will use their ideas to make self smaller. So I do not use the terms SP and PTS with my clients.

In my practice of New Era Free Technology I always handle these aspects on all cases in order to guarantee the fastest possible progress. Where I see slow case progress I always find connection to other peoples (or beings) fixed ideas which the person has somehow used to make self smaller.

The drill is to NOT connect to these others ideas, "add" them to own personality and thereby make self smaller, or if it's already done, disconnect from them - the ideas. There is NO need to disconnect from the person such as (father or mother or sister or brother etc., etc.) as long as one disconnects from those statements and ideas and opinions one has used to make self smaller. THAT is how it works.

Disconnecting from friends and family does not make any sense at all. Enturbulation coming from making self smaller because of accepting others, viewpoints as own, CANNOT be handled by ordinary means, such as handling upsets, evil purposes, traumatic incident reduction (or similar) or any other kind of auditing, coaching or therapy. You are dealing with something that is only there because of misconception of what is yours and what is others.

Only with the correct ownership can anything be handled from the owner's viewpoint. Not from any other viewpoint. Misownership leads to misidentification of self, you are not yourself anymore, and to the degree you are not yourself, you can't resolve own case issues. If this aspect of case is not handled IN THE BEGINNING, first session, then you will most probably waste your clients money and your own time as well as you try to handle something which is not your clients and therefore can't be resolved by your client.

Pr. definition 1. above the person is stuck in an incident from the past. It sit's right smack in his face and he sees everything through this incident and reacts accordingly. He has to handle the Source of the Existence of this Condition. 3 levels, one can be handled pr. day with special address, 3 days, and he will be out of it. Problem is that he will usually not be able to see what is right smack in front of his eyes and therefore not show up for coaching through this. But once he shows up in your chair he will handle easily on handling this aspect with special procedure, because you are addressing him right where he lives. He is basically OK in the core of his being. Never to forget.

Handling these and their effect on others is extremely rewarding for all involved. Knowledge about what is really going on in the clients universe will increase life quality at once. Opening the door for further progress, expansion and increased ability and understanding which in its turn will increase knowing again. This knowing will extend to others in the environment, "flowed" by love and this way there will be increased love which our situation here needs so badly. New love will encourage knowing more and we will get into an upward expanding spiral which man need so desperately and he can attain this through happy, joyful work with himself and others.

For the way to do it, see my article: "How to gain more freedom" - "SP" - "PTS" Series 4.

Have fun too.. !!!

Per Schioettz

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