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Per Schioettz: From Freedom to Fear - and Back


"SP"-"PTS" Series 1, March 2011


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From freedom to fear - and back

March 23, 2011

by Per Schioettz

"SP" - "PTS" Series 1

In 1968 I started in DK Org on the communications Course. There was a fantastic free atmosphere and a lot of joy and fun. There were many people in the organization every evening doing drills, talking, discussing, having sessions and doing courses and listening to old timers lecturing. It was the first time I was in such an uptone group with so much fun. The attitude to others in the group and to people outside the group was very friendly; people were looked at as friends and as people one could really give a hand with what one had learned. The term "Suppressive Person" was never heard of, was never voiced and lived a very non visible life maybe in some hidden policy letter or the background of one single persons mind.

This went on for a couple of years and then I went onto the Briefing Course. This was THE technical course to do those days. We were more than a hundred students every day. I studied from 9 to18 every day, seven days a week. We were all studying and auditing and also listening to "The Wall of Tapes" some 700 taped lectures by L Ron Hubbard. This was also a fantastic time. It was a very international course and I made friends from all over the world, and several of those are still my friends and we still keep in touch.

This was a technical course with a lot of stress on "red on white" (tech) and not very much interest in most of "green on white" (policy) meaning rules and regulations. In fact there was an attitude that "green on white" was for admin staff only. We, the tech people, didn't "lower" ourselves to such trivial pastime as reading policy. (If we could avoid it, we would rather work with the real thing "The Tech").

I leaned the effect of that attitude the hard way when I one year later found myself as HGC auditor in Cop Org. I had problems with one PC and got into some kind of fight with the C/S. Those days when C/Ses couldn't get a case to fly, it was, as a routine, assumed that the auditors TRs or metering were out. Mine were NOT. I did endless TRs and meter drills, the case still didn't budge.

Finally the C/S and I went to Athena, situated in Copenhagen Harbour. Athena was the training and cramming vessel for Europe. The C/S and I showed up with the PCs folder. Merle Goodman and Judy Thiery were the people running the course and cramming operation of the ship, and they were GOOD. They were also the first people to observe and report to Ron about the language barrier in Europe.

When they had interviewed the C/S and me and studied the auditing in the folder they said: "Gentlemen, you are going to confront some "green on white !!" " Bang! (What's this? What do they mean? We are tech guys - please). Slowly it dawned on both of us that somewhere remotely hidden away in the dark backside of our sculls were a very unfamiliar subject called "resistive cases" and between those, one called "PTS"... This was an eye opener for us looking at this phenomenon from a tech point of view. We studied the stuff, and had some great wins and relief now knowing that we could not necessarily handle every one case in the universe. This was our reality and a huge change for us.

Around the same time people started talking about "SP"s and how awful they were and how they totally messed up the games for others in general and us specifically because we were in the freeing game, "which they hate".

I was very puzzled about this. One of the main reasons I had "gone into" Scientology was the saying: "Man is basically good". But apparently here were some who were not basically good but basically evil. "SP"s are basically bad! There was no mistaking this, and there was no end to all the blame they were given, even for our own mistakes. Awful. I remember in 1982 when I had finally left the Sea Org, my X-wife was struggling on OT III, being in fear of any connection to anyone, who might be an "SP" and she would be sent to ethics and taken off her auditing. New confessionals, new eligibility checks etc. etc. costing endlessly. How can you go free when operating in a tone level of Fear? Or even attempt that?

This fear of the "SP"s even though they were only considered being about 2 1/2 percent of the population, caused endless speculations and conspiracy theories even within this "Church". The fear and suspicion became worse and worse. Ron pointed out that these cats and the psychiatrists were the enemies of Scientology and his operations. THEY were the reason Scn. didn't expand faster etc. etc. When the Data Series came out I could really see this as a "Why is God". And I always wondered that he didn't see this himself. He really had a blind spot there. But actually, that is what is to be expected when someone makes himself smaller because of others communications, opinions, behaviours, etc., etc.. You don't see clearly anymore. (And a wrong indication only makes things worse).

"Disconnect or handle" was the watch word, and neither of them worked very well if at all. Disconnection can only have temporarily effect in case you take the person out of a very restimulative area, but you still have to handle HIS situation sooner or later. (Or rather HE has to). The usual handling is mostly running rudiments with the PC at effect, poor sod, see what they did to you. Doesn't work.

With the New Era of Free Tech it has become possible to handle these situations with the client at CAUSE. Handling with the client at EFFECT only, in my opinion and experience, makes the negative aspects more solid and he will not get out of it until he takes responsibility as CAUSE.

Many of my clients have proven this point to great satisfaction. No more proof is needed. There should be no more looking back. There is no more need to fear any of these so-called SPs. There is a way back, or forward to freedom again.

Everybody are members of "fields". Spiritually connected by similar attitudes, ideas, experiences etc. If you handle a person's negative contribution to a field, the others, being connected to the same field, will lose the negativism too. The field will turn more positive. This is the reason that you will have the PTS clients "SP"s turn to him again, but this time in a positive way. This is one of the EPs I see daily and which was promoted in the "Church" but I never saw it there. Now it is available to anyone and everyone who wants to recreate the freedom, or rather to live the freedom again, because freedom is the NATURAL state, not being PTS. You are BIG. You are FREE. You are YOU...

Per Schioettz

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